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Destroy Security Benefits

Destroy was first developed by The Australian Software Company (TASC) in early 1999 to comply with the requirements of the Australian Federal Government’s Australian Communications-Electronic Instructions 33 (ACSI 33), Handbook 6, Media Security (

Until now data removal systems had been considered a “back-room” tool that technicians used from time-to-time, or perhaps the local Defence department used for Top Secret systems. Now data removal systems such as Destroy, are becoming as ubiquitous as anti-virus products and wiping your hard disk before it leaves your desk will be a mandatory requirement not only issued by I.T. departments, but by users to ensure both organisational and personal data is completely removed to ensure privacy.

Destroy is significantly different to that of other products on the market place because no other product has been subjected to the rigours of the Australian Government’s Australasian Information Security Evaluation Program (AISEP) and the Common Criteria evaluation program.



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