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Destroy® Series 2 is a total data erasure system that permanently removes all data from your computer including the operating system. Destroy automatically wipes each hard disk in the target computer and can erase IDE, SATA, SCSI and SAS disk drives.

There are currently three data removal tools in Destroy® Series 2, our government certified products Destroy and Destroy Lite plus our non-certified product Destroy Standard Edition
Destroy and Destroy Lite certified EAL2+

Destroy and Destroy Lite are certified to the Common Criteria (ISO 15408) standard EAL2+ and are listed as evaluated products on the Australian Government's Evaluated Product List and the United States Government's Validated Product List.

Destroy Series 2 is used by the Australian and New Zealand Defence forces, Australian Police forces, many Australian and New Zealand Government Departments and Corporations.

There is no software provided with a PC that erases all data from the hard disk. A common misconception is the Format or the FDisk tool will erase your data. These options DO NOT erase your data and to show you how much data is available simply download our free Destroy Observer program and take a look.
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