Certified Products - Destroy and Destroy Lite

  Destroy and Destroy Lite are our two certified products and are listed on the Australian Evaluated Product List (EPL) and the United States Validated Product List.

We also offer our Destroy Standard Edition which is not certified and may be more suited to organizations who do not require government grade security for their data removal. If you require a quote for a government agency you may be required to only quote certified product.
If you would like to purchase a Destroy product on behalf of your client please fill in the form below and we will send you a quote.

We offer either an enterprise/site license to cover all of your client's equipment for 3 years or a per use license. The enterprise version is not copy protected and can be used as often as you need for the 3 years. Distribution is also very simple since Destroy only needs to be copied onto a bootable media such as floppy disk or CD-ROM.

The price of a Destroy license is calculated based on a per computer price multiplied by your number of computers. The per computer price is discounted based on volume.

Please note that the enterprise license must cover all computer equipment controlled by the organization.

If you could provide some detail regarding your customer, ideally name however type of organization may be helpful for our quotation.

Our license allows third party organizations to use Destroy on behalf of their customers.

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Quote for both certified and non-certified products

Note: If you purchase Destroy you will also receive Destroy Lite.



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