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There are two categories of product in our Destroy® Product Family.

Our two high security certified products are:

Destroy, a 7 pass only overwrite or

Destroy Lite, a 3 pass only overwrite

and our non-certified product:

Destroy Standard Edition

Destroy and Destroy Lite are the highest security rated program of their type on the market today. Destroy overwrites a hard disk a total of seven times. Destroy Lite overwrites a total of three times - one pass of binary zeros which is then verified, one pass of binary ones which is again verified, and a final pass of random characters.

Having a product that is locked into a set number of overwrites means you can be assured that Destroy performs the correct number of overwrites to meet your security requirements everytime it is used. You can also provide Destroy to a service provider who may be performing your data removal for you and again you have the confidence that your system has been cleaned correctly.

An example of why this is important is we have tested a hard disk using Destroy that appeared to be correctly overwriting the disk. Then when the verify stage ran Destroy showed the disk had failed to overwrite from about the half way mark on the drive. The reason was due to an overheating drive and component failure. Imagine if the disk was being cleaned with a product that performed a single pass without verify (because it takes no time to run this process) and that software only relied on the hard disk reporting errors then that organization may have released a computer with highly sensitive data that could be easily retrieve at any time.

All our products report at the end of the process whether any faults have been detected on any hard disk. A fault may indicate that data could not be removed and you may choose to physically destroy the hard disk.

These products also ship with a separate validation program (the DVC) that allows you to certify Destroy is valid prior to use.

Destroy Standard Edition, by default, performs a single pass wipe without verifying. However the user can optionally set Destroy SE perform a variety of overwrite methods including 1 Pass with verify, 3, 5 and 7 pass.

All Destroy products come with our Viewer software that allows you to view the low level information stored on any hard disk.



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