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Destroy is a data removal system that completely removes ALL data from each hard disk in your computer. Destroy does this by overwriting the entire hard disk with immaterial data thus removing ALL information on your hard disk.

Data stored on a hard disk cannot be “deleted” as such, and there is no mechanism available to undo the process of writing data to the disk. The only method of deleting data is to overwrite the data with new data. Destroy overwrites each piece of data 7 times, and 3 times for Destroy Lite.

A commonly held misconception is that deleting a file actually removes the file from the hard disk. This is incorrect as the only way to remove a file is to overwrite the file with worthless data and the delete process does not do this. The delete process simply marks the file as being deleted, informing the operating system that the file can be overwritten whenever new files are added to the hard disk.



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