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Destroy Accreditation Differences

Destroy and Destroy Lite have undergone rigorous testing and has been accepted into the Australasian Information Security Evaluation Program (AISEP). They are the only products of their type to be listed on both the Australian Government's Evaluated Products List and the Common Criteria Evaluated Products List, the international standard for Information Technology with a security rating of EAL2+. No other competing product has been independently tested and evaluated to this level.

Destroy’s Security Differences

Some of the other data erasure products on the market do not perform a passes of binary zeros and binary ones, but simply write random characters to the hard drive. The general concept behind overwriting is to flip the magnetic value of each byte back and forth creating a layered overwrite effect. Writing a series of binary zeros and binary ones achieves the deepest overwrite effect as these values are the minimum and maximum magnetic values respectively.

The multi-pass overwrite of alternating values (such as zero and one) is also the standard required by defense agencies around the world, with the number of overwrites varying depending on the security level of the recorded data. Programs that only perform random passes do not conform to ACSI 33 (the Australian Standard) or international IT security standards.

Many competing products rely on the Bios or reported settings to determine the size of the hard drive to be wiped. This can be a problem if the Bios settings are incorrect or if the hard drive has been configured to downgrade the size of the drive. Additionally many drives have hidden tracks that are not reported in the Bios. Therefore if the Bios settings are incorrect, and a drive has hidden sectors, then a product that relies on these settings would not necessarily overwrite the entire hard disk, and critical data may still be retrieved from the disk. Destroy on the other hand does NOT rely on the Bios or reported settings of the drive.

Destroy Performance Differences

Destroy has built-in auto correction technology where even problematic hard disks can be corrected and still be securely overwritten.

Some data erasure products on the marketplace require you to download special drivers to erase data from a SCSI hard drive. Destroy does not require any additional software or hard disk drivers to wipe SCSI drives, but can detect whether your disk is SCSI or IDE and will overwrite the drive regardless. Destroy can also be run on servers, including servers which have been raid configured.

Destroy is easily distributed and can be emailed to allow operators to run the program locally where multiple offices exist. Destroy can also run without any user intervention as there is an auto-executing version of Destroy. You simply boot the machine with Destroy and it runs automatically. No screen or keyboard is required.

NOTE: Destroy has been designed so it will not work under a MS-Windows environment to prevent Destroy being used as unintended destructive tool.

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