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Destroy Security Benefits

Our Destroy and Destroy Lite products have been evaluated to EAL2+ by the Australasian Information Security Evaluation Program (AISEP) and our listing can be found on the Australian Government Evaluated Product List (EPL)

By joining AISEP, Destroy has been recognised by the Common Criteria, the international standard (ISO 15408) for Information Technology security The Common Criteria also has a Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA). The purpose of this Arrangement is to provide member countries with IT products that have been awarded a Common Criteria Certificate eliminating the need for each product to be re-evaluated in each member country as was the case in the past, and a very expensive exercise.

In being recognised by the Common Criteria, Destroy meets and exceeds the Australian Government Standards, the US Department of Defense requirements, and meets the European and German standard media sanitisation.

Being part of these programs provides our Destroy products with an internationally accepted government security rating. Our rating is highly sought after by the security community, and many Government organisations both Australia wide and throughout the world recognise the importance of security rated systems and the evaluation process behind the rating.

This security rating makes Destroy a new breed of data removal software that is a significant step above the existing “shareware” type product. Destroy has been through an extensive evaluation and testing process so that our customers can be assured EVERY hard disk is wiped EVERY time they use Destroy.



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